Among its objectives and the scope of the field of interest are:

    1. Publishing theoretical and applied research in various fields of Islamic economics, such as finance, social safety net, zakat, and endowments.
    2. Encouraging dialogue and discussion on contemporary issues and developments in Islamic economics and finance.
    3. Developing Islamic economic theory on solid scientific foundations, through the publication of original research.
    4. Contribute to finding practical solutions to the economic problems facing Islamic and human societies from an Islamic perspective.
    5. Contribute to the revival of Islamic heritage in various fields of Islamic economics.
    6. Publication of book reviews and reports in the field of Islamic economics and related scientific fields; Including books published in conventional economics and finance, which deal with methodological and academic issues, or ethical and environmental issues, or treatise pressing and hot problems of interest to the human societies.

    For more information about the publishing guidelines, statement of ethics, all issues of the Journal and much more, please visit the journal’s page on the Institute of Islamic Economics’ website at: