Peer Review Process

  • Editor(s) will conform and control the journal’s international standard peer review procedure.
  • Editor(s) ensure that all accepted manuscripts are peer reviewed by competent reviewers with a relevant expertise as concluded by their list of publications. Editor(s) should warrant nonexistence of any kind of conflict of interest for all peer reviewers.
  • Each manuscript should be reviewed by either two independent reviewers or just one reviewer nominated by the author.:  It is not suitable for the author to nominate the referee for their own work.
  • Editor(s) will abide by the international standard peer-reviewing rules, however, in certain unusual or emergent situations, Editor(s) may decide to accept publication on just one peer review statement if such report meets the peer-reviewing standards of the journal.
  • Peer review responses must be in English and offer helpful critical evaluations of all aspects of the submitted manuscript. Editorial decisions will not be made upon brief, shallow peer reviewer reports.
  • Manuscripts such as book reviews, opinion, or letters to the editor may be judged by the Editor(s) if the subject matter lie within their scientific capability. Otherwise, such topic should be evaluated by a single independent reviewer or assigned to a member of the Editorial or Advisory Boards.


A Special Thank You to Our Peer Reviewers

The Journal of Science deeply values the vital role that peer reviewers play in ensuring the quality and integrity of scholarly research. Your dedication and expertise make it possible for us to uphold the highest standards of scientific communication.

As a Peer Reviewer, You Help Us:

  • Maintain Quality: Ensure that only rigorously vetted research reaches the scientific community.
  • Support Authors: Provide constructive feedback that helps authors refine and improve their work.
  • Drive Innovation: Contribute to the advancement of your field by aiding in the dissemination of new findings and ideas.

Reviewer Resources:

We offer resources and guidelines to support our reviewers through the review process, ensuring it is both efficient and rewarding.

Recognition for Reviewers:

We understand the effort that goes into peer reviewing. While this critical work often happens behind the scenes, we want to acknowledge your contribution publicly, should you choose.

Interested in Becoming a Reviewer?

If you have expertise in a particular scientific area and are interested in reviewing for the Journal of Science, please reach out to us. Your insights are invaluable to the quality of our publication.

Contact Us:

For questions about the review process, or to express interest in becoming a peer reviewer, please contact our editorial team.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in science.