Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The Journal adheres to the ethics and guidelines set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The following are key points of these guidelines:


The ethical responsibilities of the author:

1- Involve authors in the peer-review process.

2- All authors must acknowledge the correctness of the data contained in the knowledgeable paper.

3- The author is obligated to correct and review all errors in the scientific paper.

4- The research submitted by the authors must be original and not previously published.

5- Their previous works must be cited to see if they were cited.

6- The search should not exceed the intellectual property rights of other authors.

7- Any conflicting interests must be mentioned when submitting the paper.


Ethical responsibility of the auditor:  

1- The basic principle of the auditor is that all his judgments be objective.

2- The reviewers must deal with the submitted research that has been reviewed in strict confidence.

3- Auditors must act with fairness and impartiality.

4- Reviewers must alert the journal editor in the event of any real or potential competing interest that might affect their review.


Ethical responsibility of the editor:     

1- The editor should have full responsibility and authority to reject or accept the research.

2- The editor always seeks to meet the needs of the reader and the author.

3- The editor must accept the research when he is sure of the content.

4- The editor must instruct to publish the correction or undo the discovery of errors.

5- The editor must maintain the confidentiality of the reviewers.

6- The editor must maintain the ethical policies of the magazine.

7- Editors must work with authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board to obtain sufficient references.

8. Editors must promote justice and equality.


Plagiarism Check

KAU Journal of Engineering Sciences takes issues of copyright infringement, plagiarism, or other breaches of best practices in publication very seriously. We seek to protect the rights of the authors and we seek to protect the reputation of the journal against malpractice. Submitted articles are checked using related software. Any article found to have plagiarized other work will be rejected.