Publication Ethics

Misconduct and Malpractice

- The journal is pledged to uphold the maximum level of integrity in all published articles.

- Submissions may be subjected to plagiarism detection software. In situations where plagiarism is detected, COPE guidelines will be applied.

- Publisher and editor(s) will implement rational actions to detect and block the publication of articles proved to have any kind of research misconduct, including plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data fabrication etc..

- If editor(s) or the publisher detected or filed to them any allegation of research misconduct in an article already published in JKAU-Med Sci, the publisher will apply the national guidelines to deal with such allegations.


Declaration of Originality
- JKAU-Med Sci is dedicated to endorsing the integrity of scientific publication.

- Authors should not do simultaneous submission to more than one journal. Author/s' release form

- The work done in the submitted manuscript has to be original and never been considered for publication or published by any means in any language.

- Results should be clear, honest, and not fabricated.

- No data or text published before by others should be introduced by authors as self.

- Editor(s) may apply software to detect “plagiarism”.

- Authors should have permission to utilize software, and questionnaires/(web) surveys in the submitted work.

- Appropriate citation of the relevant literature. Excessive and inappropriate self-citation is strongly discouraged.


Plagiarism Check

The Journal takes issues of copyright infringement, plagiarism, or other breaches of best practices in publication very seriously. We seek to protect the rights of the authors and we seek to protect the reputation of the journal against malpractice. Submitted articles are checked using related software. Any article found to have plagiarized other work will be rejected.